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What to expect when working with me

01 | The scope

In most cases, I charge a set fee for the projects I work on. So to allow me to give you an accurate quote, I’ll get you to fill out a brief document that covers all the finer details of what your project requires.


Things like:


  • If you need copywriting, will I be creating content for a website, email, brochure or video script?
  • How many pages (and words per page) will I need to write?
  • How much information have you prepared already?
  • Do I need to do my own research?


I’ll be asking you to go into as much detail as possible, and while I know that sounds like a bit of a pain, it’s a lot better than finding out halfway through a project that your job is going to cost 3 times as much as originally quoted!

02 | The Proposal

Next, I’ll send you a proposal which covers everything you need to know. Timeline, my next available start date, the scope of the project (and everything included like amends and proofing), and of course the fee. If you’ve enquired about more than one service, they’ll be broken down separately so you can pick and choose as you see fit, menu style.

03 | The Deposit

If the total cost of your project is over $750, I’ll ask for a 50% upfront deposit. If it’s under $750, I require 100% upfront payment. Until this is paid, I can’t guarantee your spot. You can do this via direct debit or PayPal and I will provide a receipt as soon as it’s received.

04 | The Timeline

The deadline we agree to on the proposal is a guarantee, not an estimate, as long as you can provide all requested supporting material/research in a timely manner. You will also be given 14 days (unless otherwise specified) to request your 2 rounds of amends, so I’ll ask you to block out some time in your diary to make sure you have ample time to complete this.

05 | The Briefing

Once I’ve received the signed proposal and deposit, we’ll begin the briefing process. This includes a document for you to fill out and if required, a consultation via phone or Skype. If you’re based in Melbourne we can arrange to meet face to face by request, but this may incur additional charges.


The purpose of the briefing is to cover the following:


  • Your brand’s personality and tone of voice
  • Your target market
  • Your USP (unique selling points)
  • Your objectives
  • Any on-page specifics I need to know about


Once the briefing is complete and you’ve provided any supporting assets I’ll need, I can begin writing!

06 | The Work

An estimate of how long the first will take is included in the proposal and I’ll usually keep pretty quiet during that time unless I have any questions or need additional information from you.


Most copywriting jobs will be sent to you in a Word or Pages document and I’ll ask you to use Track Changes and comments to give me your feedback. For most projects you’ll have 2 rounds of changes included in your package (to be made within 14 days), with the first round being your chance to make the big ones, so it’s important you take your time with this.


If for some reason you require additional rounds of changes (or the scope of your project changes after we begin), these will be charged at an hourly rate as per the terms of the proposal.

07 | The End

 I’ll send you the final invoice for the balance owing 14 days after the first draft is delivered.


Once the project is signed off and we’re all happy, I’ll ask you nicely if you’d mind writing a short testimonial for me because there’s nothing as powerful as a good recommendation. I mean, you probably read my existing reviews before agreeing to work with me, right?