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Blog Copywriting

Why is everyone so darn obsessed with blogging these days?


If you’ve been avoiding the blog bandwagon in the hopes that it’s just a phase, I hate to break it to you, but they’re here to stay. It’s not all bad news, though! Blogs became popular for a reason – they’re really (like, REEEALLY) good for your business. And the better news? You don’t even have to write them yourself. (Hence this page being titled “Blog Copywriting”) Wanna know why they’re so awesome? Here goes…



3 reasons you should consider blogging for your business:



 1. SEO, baby. SEO.


Blogs are basically Google’s favourite thing when it comes to figuring out what you do, why you’re good at it and whether they should tell search engine land about you. Whether you sell bicycles, legal services or singing lessons, chances are your potential customers and clients are hitting Google to try and search for you. Only, if your competitors have been busy writing all sorts of interesting content while you’ve been sitting on your hands, you’re not giving yourself a great shot at winning them over.


 2. Everyone loves an expert


Write about what you do and it’ll soon become obvious that you know what you’re talking about. This is a big deal because these days we generally choose service providers and retailers based on the information we find about them online. We only want to use the “very best” and one of the ways you could convince your potential customers that you ARE the best is by showing off your knowledge and helping to solve their problems through your blog.


 1. Sharing is caring


If you use social media you probably know the challenge that comes with trying to connect with your audience – not to mention finding interesting content to share. Have you noticed how repetitive Facebook is getting? We keep regurgitating the same content, over and over. This is your opportunity to share something original and interesting, giving your audience a chance to connect with you in a more meaningful way.


Slightly more convinced and ready to talk copywriting?


Yep, blogging can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. That’s why I’m here. We can build your blog from the ground up covering everything from strategy to scheduling, writing to uploading. If you don’t want to lift a finger, you don’t have to. Or, if you’ve got some ideas but need me to finesse them, we can do it that way instead!


What does blog copywriting cost?


It’s kind of up to you! I can write articles from 300 words to 2000+ words and am happy to write a one-off for you or package it up into larger blocks to save some time and money. The best way to start is by filling out my briefing form or getting in touch for a friendly chat. We can then decide together what the best approach is for your blog and make sure you get the best bang for your buck.


Got some questions about copywriting? Fee free to check out my Copywriting FAQ page or read up about my process.