SEO Copywriting

I'm a trained SEO copywriter.

…Although that probably doesn’t mean much to you if you have no idea what SEO is, right? I guess I’ll start by explaining SEO and the SEO copywriting process.


SEO. No, it’s not some mystical marketing buzzword. In case you weren’t sure, it stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. And in a nutshell, it’s all about impressing Google with your website which could, in turn, mean they bump you up the search results… ideally to page one. Eventually. Yes, it’s a worthy goal but it won’t happy overnight.


SEO (and SEO Copywriting) is an ever-evolving beast and unfortunately one that is often misunderstood and not carried out correctly. There are companies who like to take advantage of the general lack of knowledge around the subject and charge outrageous monthly rates to supposedly optimise and manage your website. Yuck. That really gets my goat and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


There are decent types out there who have a solid understanding of SEO, a passion for staying up to date, and a genuine care for your best interests. (Yep, I’m one of those!) I don’t believe in bamboozling you with jargon so you get scared and give me all of your money.


I believe in educating you about the truth, giving you the resources to manage your SEO yourself (if you’re keen, that is) and writing clever, optimised copy that will not only impress Google, but will convert casual browsers into genuine customers or clients.


My SEO Copywriting Services Include:

Strategy and keyword research

To make sure you're getting found by the right people (and really know who those people are).

Formatting guidelines

So the copy looks as sexy on your website as it does on the document I write it on.

Web developer-friendly "copydeck"

Your copy will be bundled up neatly inside a document that any web designer or developer will know what to do with.

Title tags & meta descriptions

This is the kinda stuff that Google loves and will help you get seen in search - you don't want to skip these.

2-3 rounds of revisions

So you have the peace of mind that you'll walk away with copy that you love and your customers go crazy over.