Copywriting. Content Creation. Editing.

Words are pretty important. In fact, without them, it’s almost impossible to sell your thing. But it can be also pretty hard to write about your own thing – or worse, write about yourself – which is where I come in.

I’ve been told I’m pretty good with words, especially turning complicated or long-winded rants into snappy, concise and engaging ones. Most importantly, I’m not you. I can be objective. I can put myself in the shoes of your customer or client. I’m not so emotionally involved that I don’t know where to draw the line between over-selling and under-selling (and no, I’m not talking about the ever-popular “humble brag”!)

Here is a picture of a typewriter so you know I'm a real copywriter.

I don’t mean to play favourites buuut…

While I’ve written about just about topic under the sun, I do have a few specialities thanks to hands-on professional experience. Lifestyle and retail brands are definitely my jam. Fashion, beauty, health, fitness, eCommerce or anything in the creative space. This is in part due to my level of understanding of your products and services as well as the people you need to connect with, and partly because I love all of those things in my life and could write about them ’til the cows come home.


If you’re trying to create a fresh, authentic (and even a little bit quirky) voice for your brand that really engages your dream market and helps turn them into customers, I’m the girl for the job. My copywriting services aren’t one-size-fits-all however, so I’ll go into the specifics below.
“The minute I got on the phone with Kat I knew I would be in good hands. I instantly felt comfortable talking to her, more like we were old friends rather than me being a potential client. At every step of the process she has gone out of her way to deliver above and beyond, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. My website now has shiny new copy that sells my work, is SEO friendly and the client enquiries are rolling in!”


— Niki Simpson, Makeup Artist

SEO Copywriting

SEO. No, it’s not some mystical marketing buzzword. In case you weren’t sure, it stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. And in a nutshell, it’s all about impressing Google with your website which could, in turn, mean they bump you up the search results… ideally to page one. Eventually. Yes, it’s a worthy goal but it won’t happy overnight.


SEO (and SEO Copywriting) is an ever-evolving beast and unfortunately one that is often misunderstood and not carried out correctly. There are companies who like to take advantage of the general lack of knowledge around the subject and charge outrageous monthly rates to supposedly optimise and manage your website. Yuck. That really gets my goat and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


I’m a trained SEO copywriter who understands how to tick all of the Google boxes while making sure your copy reads beautifully and doesn’t look “SEO-y”. You know — stuffed with keywords and all that. I’m also very anti-jargon, so will explain exactly what I’m doing and why plus offer optional training if you want to learn how to maintain your website or even write additional copy in the future. To have a chat about how it works or to request a quote, drop me a line.

“Wow! Kat is nothing short of amazing! Being a wedding photographer, it was always important that my website represent me as a person but I never felt like I had the right words to express myself. And that’s where Kat came in, I feel like she jumped into my mind and put my thoughts onto paper or in my website if you like! My website is no longer a dysfunctional mess!”


— Sarah Godenzi, Photographer


Sometimes you know what you need to say, but not quite how to say it. The facts are there, but the personality is nowhere to be seen. Or you may have a penchant for writing novels when all you need is a novella. An editor is that best friend who knows when to dish out some tough love and when you (or your words) just need a hug.


Bring me your unloved – but full of potential – words and I’d be thrilled to give them a new lease on life. Let me know what you’re working on and we can chat about the best way to tackle it and get it finished ASAP. Now wouldn’t that feel good?

Content Creation

It’s not just websites that need compelling copy. Words are everywhere and no matter where you put them, they all have the potential to grow your customer base and strengthen your brand. Which is why it’s important you use every single word wisely.


Powerful marketing requires strategy. You need to understand who you’re writing for and why. Which are the best platforms for your brand. How often to create. I love this stuff. We can figure out all of that together and make sure you’re getting real “bang for buck” on your marketing efforts.


Emails, blog articles, sales funnels, landing pages, press releases, video scripts, social media posts, product descriptions, even disclaimers. Whatever it is you need, I’m here to make creating it simple, stress-free and cost-effective. Take the pressure off yourself (nobody likes a marketing related migraine) and get in touch with me today. I’m excited to work with you.

I also like to sit in parks with my notebook which I've been told looks very writer-y of me.