Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses + Freelancers

Marketing your brand without a strategy is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. Except the spaghetti was expensive and you made it from scratch… including grinding the wheat. (Ok, so I may have been a little hungry when writing this but hopefully you get the idea.)

The more limited your marketing budget, the more crucial it is to ensure it’s spent wisely — and that’s where marketing strategy comes in. In a nutshell, it looks at the following:


WHO you’re selling to
WHERE you’ll find them
WHY they should buy from you
and HOW you’ll convince them to do so

Marketing strategy isn’t one size fits all.

From the look of your website to the tone of voice in your copy, the style of imagery you display to the social media platforms you use… all of these should be considered strategically because all play a role in helping turn casual browsers into loyal customers and clients.


No two businesses look exactly alike (well, they shouldn’t, anyway) and that’s why there is no template you can download to create the “perfect” marketing strategy. Variables like the size of your business, how old it is, who your target market is, what budget and resources include, all play a role in determining how you should approach your marketing strategy.


My job as your marketing strategist is to custom build a strategy around those variables that maximises your budget and streamlines the process as much as possible. Whether it’s email, paid advertising, social media, SEO, blogging, webinars, print, radio, or all of the above — I’ll help you create a plan designed to grow your business as fast as possible using the resources you have.

But where would we even start?

In the words of Maria Von Trapp, we’ll start at the very beginning.


1. I’ll send you a briefing document (no it’s not a test, calm down!) to get a bit more information on your business and how it’s tracking


2. We’ll hop on a call to discuss it in more detail


3. I’ll draft up a proposal based on your specific needs


4. If you’re happy with it, that’s when the real work begins
If you have in-house marketing support and simply want a blueprint for them to follow, that’s what we’ll create. If you want to do a mix of DIY and outsourcing, the plan will allow for that. If you also need coaching on how to implement anything in the plan (or to be matched with a service provider who can do it for you), let me know and I’ll work that in too. This is about you and your biz — your wish is my command.