Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Emcee.

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming during a conference?

Planning your next meal during a workshop?

Doodling on a napkin during a fancy event?

Me too.

Conferences, workshops and special events should tick all the boxes — educational, motivational, inspirational… FUN. After all, it’s easier to learn something when you’re not struggling to keep your eyes open.

That’s why my goal as a speaker and MC is to create a real connection with your audience while keeping them energised and entertained right to the final goodbyes. I want them to walk away raving about the event and feeling like they’ve been impacted in a positive way.

But don’t take my word for it.

Kate Toon, founder of CopyCon, Australia’s only dedicated copywriting conference.

Kat delivers the perfect balance of preparation, performance, spontaneity and spunkiness when she steps up to the mic MC. And while she's on stage making sure the crowd is comfortable and engaged, she's just as keen to step off the stage and let the main stars and speakers shine for their event. When stuff happens on and off stage, she rolls with it like a seasoned pro - respecting the organisers brief if it calls for sticking to the script or taking cues from the audience and leading with masterful the crowd dynamics. As an MC Kate bring great poise, preparation and a voice of reassurance and welcome to any event.

Andrea Rowe, Your Coastal Connection

How we can work together

Keynote Speaker

If you need a keynote speaker at your corporate, creative or NFP event, I would love to help. No matter what topic I’m speaking on, I make sure it’s engaging, informative and motivating. No cookie cutter presentations either. Every talk will be customised to suit your event, organisation and audience.

Topics of speciality include:

  • Marketing, SEO & personal branding
  • Self-employment & freelancing
  • Homeschooling & self-guided study
  • Acting & the entertainment industry
  • Self-improvement & overcoming adversity

MC / Event Host

If you’re organising an event and want your guests to be engaged, energised and entertained for the duration, I’m the MC for you. With a creative, high-energy approach, I’m here to provide a fresh and natural presentation style while keeping everything running smoothly (improvising during technical mishaps is my jam) so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.


My professional background has included health & fitness, fashion & beauty, real estate & sales, marketing, and entertainment (I’m a professional actor on stage and screen), giving me even more of an edge with events under any of those banners — but I’m certainly not limited to that. To chat about how we could work together, please get in touch.

I had the pleasure of attending a conference where Kat was the MC. I hesitate to say conference because it brings to mind boring and stuffy talks. This conference was energetic and inspiring from start to finish. Kat set the tone for the day, kept everything flowing beautifully and dealt with the inevitable technical glitches gracefully with a smile on her face. She is a polished speaker with a natural sense of humour. Kat helped make the conference a huge success!

Jody Carey, jodycarey.com

Panel Member

Organising a panel of experts or need someone to interview at an upcoming industry event? I’m available for both in person and online interviews and love talking about the following topics and industries:

  • Marketing, SEO, branding & social media
  • Acting, singing & the entertainment industry
  • Freelancing & small business ownership
  • Mental health & self-improvement
  • Education alternatives
  • Gender equality
  • Youth culture

Workshop Facilitator

Whether you’re needing someone to run a workshop for your conference, workplace or high school, I’d love to work with you. My customised workshops run anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours and are highly interactive and practical with real world application. They can be run in person or online (via Zoom) and include beautiful PowerPoint slides and worksheets/workbooks.

Existing workshops include:

“How to write the perfect bio”

“How to DIY your SEO”

“Social media made simple”

“First steps to freelancing”

“How to build a memorable brand”

Images thanks to Lucy Alcorn & The Clever Copywriting School.

My background in a nutshell

A slightly odd (albeit exciting) professional history meant that becoming a speaker was only natural. My first “real” job was as a dance teacher, way back when I was 15. I then landed my first performing job when I was 19 and have continued acting and singing professionally ever since. On top of the acting jobs, I’m often hired as a corporate presenter and voiceover artist. Since beginning my career in marketing 5 years ago, I’ve combined all of my interests and expertise by taking on coaching clients and teaching workshops on various topics as well as MCing popular events such as CopyCon.