Hi, I’m Kat.

No, I’m not going to make things awkward with a 3rd person biography that I clearly wrote myself. I just thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself since you went to all the effort of clicking through to this page. Don’t worry, I’ll stick to the highlights.

Professionally, I’ve had a pretty crazy (the good kind) history. My first “real” job (after a few years of the classic retail and barista thing as well as training in marketing artistry and fitness) was working at Warner Bros Movie World playing Marilyn Monroe. That led to a few years in musical theatre before I ended up in real estate administration, then sales and marketing, thus kicking off my obsession with brand and marketing.

Next, I landed myself a job at a Brisbane advertising agency before deciding to go freelance which led to my partner and I founding Revenge Creative 3 years ago. Which brings us to today!

While I do a whole lot of things with my time, my ultimate goal is to help other business owners and creatives build their brands, sell their products and services, while making the most of their time, budget and skills. Sometimes this means I create work for them, other times I might prepare a strategy they can hand over to their team, and the part I love most is where I teach them how to DIY as much of their marketing as they can.

Some fun facts about me

1I was homeschooled right up until year 11. Not because I lived in the middle of nowhere (I was born in Sydney and grew up on the Gold Coast) but because my brilliant parents were teachers and wanted to give me the best upbringing possible. They nailed it.

2I performed in the original casts of Jersey Boys Australia and Hairspray The Musical and you’ll occasionally see me on TVCs — most recently for Mantra Hotels and Capilano Honey.

3I have a YouTube channel aimed at aspiring and professional actors and creatives where I share tutorials, advice and vlogs about the industry and my life.

4I work with clients from all around the world (Australia, USA, London, Bali, Japan, Hong Kong and more) but I also work from around the world, splitting my time between Australia, Italy and Canada. Technology makes this super easy, but I’m always up for coffee if I’m in town!

5I have an online course addiction. No matter how many I do, I keep finding more to enrol in. So far I’ve studied video editing, photo retouching, personal styling, social media, SEO, business & marketing strategy, email marketing, writing & editing… the list goes on.